an idea by FWKD Fam. The purpose of this idea is to create items that show pride in being a part of the Krump culture. It doesn't matter where we go, we "Represent EveryWear".

GOAL: We have an annual goal to financially support growing individuals in Krump and aid in their opportunities to experience the culture. We will successfully execute this by taking a percentage of the annual revenue, then sponsor 1 Krumper to partially fund their travel & experience. We are excited to see who will receive this support June 2024.

More info will be shared at a later date.

FWKD (The Big Homie)

This winter collection features high quality garments. Each piece will add versatility to your WARdrobe. The FWKD fam values quality and each idea will show that. Grab your gear today and represent everyWEAR WORLDWIDE.

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